Carpet Cleaning

 We provide carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Norfolk. We use truck-mounted systems when cleaning the carpet or upholstery in your home or office building. Our products are safe and Eco-friendly to clean your carpet or upholstery in your home or office.

Why Get Your Carpet/Upholstery Steam Cleaned? 

  • Accumulated grit and soil are prime culprits of reduced carpet and fabric life.  We
  • Health harmful bacteria and dust mites can grow without interruption.
  • Getting carpet and furniture steamed cleaned once or twice a year is considerably less than having to replace them every few years or so.
  • Carpet can trap it’s weight or more in soil. Your carpet doesn’t get dirty on its own but it comes from our daily routines and if you have animals.
  • Proper steam cleaning can help to make the air your family/guests breathe cleaner.
  • Pets can make accidents in unknown areas you do not know about and you usually smell it more during the summer time and it is a major health concern. We have a UV light that can track where your pet urinated at,which makes it easier for us to treat and clean the exact areas they were at. GET A FREE QUOTE TODAY!
  • Carpet cleaning is recommended regularly because your carpet is like a huge filter so if you have a lot of traffic, animals, or stains it’ll help to keep your air quality clean.

How Can Carpet Cleaning Help!

  • Life Expectancy: We can remove dust mite infestations, soil, and pet stains to help increase your carpet/furniture’s life expectancy!
  • Stain Removal: We get it life is busy and spills happen, potty training happens, and coffee definitely happens. We are here to help professionally remove unwanted stains to maintain beautiful carpet/furniture throughout your home!
  • Appearance: We can help make your carpet look it’s best with our proven Carpet Cleaning process (Steam Cleaning)!
  • Environment: We can remove everyday dust, soil, accumulated debris, and stubborn pet dander for better inside air quality!
  • Peace of Mind: You know professionals are getting the job done for you and on the rare occasion a spot resurfaces or you’re not satisfied we will it a priority to come back out free of charge!