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Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner!

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home can be a difficult task especially with every brand exclaiming to be the best. Many companies advertise things like never lose suction, never buy a vacuum bag again, cleans 99.9% of dust and particles, and on and on and on. We’ve seen consumers like yourself make their final decision based on price, looks, or popularity.
To help alleviate some of the pain we will hit on a few crucial areas of focus when it’s time to purchase your next vacuum cleaner.
What are you going to Vacuum?
First of all you want to think about what are you going to use your vacuum to clean. If you will be vacuuming mainly carpeted areas it would be wise to buy a vacuum cleaner that has a beater bar and height adjustment. Some carpet will be more plush than others, so you want to have the option to adjust it if it does not adjust to different types of carpet (some do).
If you are going to be vacuuming carpet, pet fur, tile, hardwood, mats/rugs, and other types of flooring we recommend a different type of vacuum cleaner than carpet only. You want to find a vacuum where you can turn the beater bar on/off because you may ruin your floors. For instance, if you were vacuuming carpet got a small sharp particle stuck to the beater bar then upon transitioning to your hardwood could lead to deep scratches. That could lead to hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages, so having the option to stop the beater bar adds a peace of mind.
If you are going to be vacuuming other areas such as stairs, couches, blinds, baseboards, vehicles, etc. then you want a vacuum that is going to be versatile. In our company we almost exclusively use backpack vacuum cleaners because of the many areas we can tackle. We are able to vacuum carpet, tile, wood, furniture, vehicles, blinds, crevices, stairs, ceiling fans, and much more using about three different attachments. Make sure the vacuum you are eyeballing has all the necessary attachments for you to be versatile because trying to vacuum stairs with an upright machine can be labor intensive and flat out dangerous!
Lastly, if you have a large home you may want to be able to buy your own cord. We use 100ft cords with our vacuums, but we have the option to use any size we want because our cords do not have built in predetermined lengths here’s an example.
If you or anyone in your household suffer from allergies and pets are involved then we recommend buying a vacuum cleaner that has High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, bags, and extra levels of filtration. Click here to find out how HEPA filters work to your benefit!
We also recommend straying away from bagless vacuums because when it’s time to empty the bin pet dander, dust particles, and every other particle you were trying to get rid of will release into the air again. It may just be easier for you to throw away a bag then replace it with a new one. Ultimately the choice is yours, but we just want to ensure this is something you think about when purchasing a vacuum cleaner!
Hopefully these tips were helpful to you. There are more factors to think about when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, but we felt these were some of the top factors. There are many good brands to choose from, so just do a little research to ensure you are getting what you are expecting. After all the only thing a great vacuum and a horrible vacuum have in common is they both suck!