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How Often Should You Vacuum?

How often do you vacuum? Once a day, once a week, once a month, once a year, or never? Our clients, friends, and family frequently ask our expertise on how often they should vacuum their floors. Unfortunately, there is not a one size fit all answer to this question, but here are our thoughts…
  • We always recommend vacuuming at minimum once a week. This way you will help to rid your home of allergens, dust mites, dirt, debris, pet dander, and millions of other small particles.
  • If you have younger children that spend a considerable amount of time on the floor we recommend a minimum of a few times a week depending on foot traffic.
  • If you’re like us then you love having people over, have small children, have pets, and have a very busy home then we recommend you vacuum daily.
The frequency you vacuum should be in relation to how much traffic you have in your home. Always vacuum slow and steady rather than quickly rushing through. Lastly, if it helps keep you on track you can create a household vacuuming schedule! In our next article we will help you choose the right vacuum for your specific needs.
    Happy Vacuuming!